Top 9 best Plugins for Ghost

Top 9 Best Plugins for Ghost

If you are looking to enhance your Ghost blogging experience, plugins can be a great way to add functionality and customization to your site. Here are the top 9 best plugins for Ghost that you should consider:

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Plugin 1: SEO Pro

Improve your site’s search engine optimization with this powerful plugin that helps you optimize your content for better visibility on search engines.

Plugin 2: Social Share

Allow your readers to easily share your content on various social media platforms with this plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your posts.

Plugin 3: Newsletter Subscription

Grow your email list and engage with your audience by adding a newsletter subscription form to your Ghost site with this plugin.

Plugin 4: Syntax Highlighting

Enhance the readability of your code snippets by using this plugin that provides syntax highlighting for various programming languages.

Plugin 5: Disqus Comments

Add a commenting system to your Ghost site with Disqus integration, allowing readers to leave comments and engage with your content.

Plugin 6: Google Analytics

Track and analyze your site’s traffic and user behavior with Google Analytics integration, providing valuable insights for optimizing your content strategy.

Plugin 7: Membership

Monetize your content by offering membership subscriptions with this plugin that enables you to create exclusive members-only content.

Plugin 8: Zapier Integration

Automate tasks and streamline workflows by connecting your Ghost site with other apps and services using Zapier integration.

Plugin 9: Custom Code Injection

Add custom code snippets, scripts, or styles to your Ghost site without editing your theme files using this plugin for easy customization.